Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to the Pewaukee River Partnership

The Pewaukee River Partnership is a community group that works to increase awareness of the Pewaukee River and its surrounding watershed to residents and visitors of Waukesha County.

SUMMER 2021 Updates

The joint Park and Rec board has put us on the agenda for the existing boardwalk and bridge extension at Koepp Park.

If they approve of the concept, I will draw up plans for approval of the DNR and the Village Board. If we get the approval from both we will be able to move forward with that project.

The original board walk was constructed in 2003 by the Pewaukee High School shop class. Although it was originally designed to extend over the river, that portion was denied by the DNR because there was no defined river bank. Now that the area has been revegetated and a river bank has been well established it is my hope that the DNR will approve the permit. If not, we will still proceed with the repair/reconstruction of the old boardwalk. 

Thanks to all for your help and support, Charlie 

Bridge Staining Now Complete  

Railing cap replaced at the outfall.

The native plants are looking fantastic in Koepp Park by the bridge. 

Annual Native Plant Sale

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Simmons Woods Boardwalk

Covered Bridge

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Annual Native Plant Sale